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Gourmet Peri Peri Chicken Burger Recipe

Time & Serves

  • Preparation time:
  • Cooking time:
  • Serves: 4

Recipe Ingredients

This delicious chicken burger sandwich with grilled vegetables can all be made outside on the BBQ. Serve it on slices of gourmet bread and serve to friends and family and enjoy the summer.

  • 4 chicken burger patties
  • 2 courgettes, trimmed & sliced lengthwise
  • 2 capsicum, quartered
  • 4 thick bread slices
  • HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Peri Peri Mayonnaise Squeezy 295ml
  • salad greens

Recipe Method

1. Cook the chicken burger patties for 5 minutes each side on preheated BBQ or in a non-stick frying pan.

2. Brush the courgettes and capsicum with a little oil and cook on the BBQ or under a preheated grill while cooking the burger patties.

3. Toast the bread then squirt with our new HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Peri Peri Mayonnaise, layer with salad greens and grilled vegetables and place on the cooked burger patties and top with a dollop of extra HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Peri Peri Mayonnaise if wished.

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